Dr. Steven Gemignani
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Some comments from former clients:
"At the end of our last session, I told Steve I honestly felt a sense of sadness, and that I would miss our conversations. This made me realize, despite my initial skepticism, that the process had indeed been productive and rewarding. I know talking about MS won't change the course of the disease, but it did help me identify and develop mechanisms to cope with the inevitable change. For that, I am truly grateful, and would recommend the experience to anyone in the same situation.  Thanks Steve!"  58 year old male with advanced stage multiple sclerosis
"Dr. Steve is a great therapist who goes beyond being a good listener. He instantly made me feel at ease and comfortable. He is kind, fair and had genuine interest for my concerns. I appreciate his insightful feedback and his way of allowing me to make my own conclusions and decisions." 25 year old female retail professional
"I have had plenty of therapy in the past, and consider myself a mentally healthy man, but still struggled with deep seated issues from my childhood. I assumed some issues can't be resolved and tried to uncover these problems. I can happily admit that my idea of therapy changed upon seeing Dr. Steve Gemignani as he had a powerful intuitive way of helping me work through these situations. He opened up an entirely new concept to me and I could finally identify the patterns I was currently living in, recreating the present from the past. After I became aware of these patterns I was able to make healthy changes and began working through issues I never thought would get resolved." 32 year old male creative professional
"Dr. Gemignani, or Dr. Steve as I like to call him, helped me immensely. He is a skilled and compassionate therapist who can appropriately bring some of his own life lessons to the healing process. He is wise, intelligent and down to earth - and very, very good at what he does. It was helpful to me that he is also trained as a life coach. I strongly recommend Dr. Gemignani for any therapy work - and especially for those seeking help with difficult life transitions." 48 year old female recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. 
Steven Gemignani, Psy.D. ® Hayes Valley - 333 Hayes Street, Suite 103, San Francisco, CA 
"I've been blessed with a pretty good life and don't go to therapy on a regular basis. But when my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness during an already busy and stressful time, I felt like I could use some help. My time with Steve wasn't just an hour for me and my mental well-being -- although it was that -- Steve was incredibly helpful in helping me stay in the present and work through issues I was having, both past and current. Supporting my only parent through the end of his life and dealing with all of the issues that accompany that process, as well as the aftermath, was immense. The insights and suggestions Steve had for me were thought-provoking and helped me make it through an incredibly difficult time."  32 year old female legal professional
"In the short time I've been a patient with Steve Gemignani he has been an immense help. Having had brief and dissatisfying experiences with therapy in the past, I came in expecting more of the same. Boy, was I wrong. Steve provided me with an excellent balance of subtle guidance, direct interaction, and just old fashioned information sharing.

As a man of color I was concerned that Steve would not be able to step into my perspective in order to assist with certain issues. He proved more than capable of grasping issues beyond his own personal experience.

I cannot recommend this therapist enough."  32 year old male technology professional
"I started working with Steve as I was exploring career challenges and needed to recast the way I told my story professionally. Our time together consisted initially of an exploration of professional development, and then went towards a connection and exploration of personal goals and growth. I think Steve’s advice in the professional sphere was spot on, and his ability to tie my personal growth to my professional growth had a significant positive impact on me in the 18 months we spent together.

I would recommend that any professional who is seeking guidance in their career and who is not afraid to dig into aspects of their personal life, would greatly benefit from Steve’s style and professional demeanor."  45 year old male legal professional
"Dr. Gemignani has been a tremendous help to me over the past year and a half as I have navigated a combination of work and personal issues. I have worked with two different therapists in the past, and while both were good experiences, they were not nearly as productive as my time with Dr. Gemignani.

What I have been particularly impressed with while working with Dr. Gemignani is his ability to tailor his approach to the particular situation and issues at hand. He is able to span the spectrum from traditional therapy to professional coaching. When discussing personal issues and emotions he asks the right questions, helping untangle complex issues and distilling things down to the fundamental roots of issues. He is equally skilled at giving professional advice provides excellent perspective on everything from office politics to major career decisions.

Dr. Gemignani is very easy to talk to, compassionate, and insightful. He knows when to push you along, and when to sit back and let you find your own way. I highly recommend working with him. He is a great therapist and coach. He has been a great help to me, and I think anyone he works with would have a similar positive experience."  40 year old male technology professional