Dr. Steven Gemignani
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Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching
Welcome to the website for my therapy and coaching practice. I believe that we all can grow, make positive changes, and overcome challenges no matter what we face. I can help if you:

Have been struggling with some psychological concerns, 
Would like to be more successful professionally, 
Need some help defining and achieving your goals, or 
Would like to have better relationships with others.  

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and former technology/business executive who is dedicated to helping my clients improve their lives and achieve their goals. I provide therapy and coaching for adults. I provide these services in person or via the phone or internet.  

Steven Gemignani, Psy.D. ® Hayes Valley - 333 Hayes Street, Suite 103, San Francisco, CA 
I realize that entering therapy or coaching might cause people to feel uncomfortable and anxious. I strive to create a supportive environment and a strong, active partnership with my clients to allow for open discussion and growth. 

My practical experience as a business/technology executive gives me unique insight and perspective when working with busy professionals. I've experienced many of the same challenges as my clients first-hand.

Often, people are unsure of what to expect in therapy as well as professional or life coaching. The purpose of this website is to communicate to you my work as a therapist and coach, and to describe how the process works. 

We can all use some help at times in our lives. I have substantial experience treating, coaching and mentoring people in both therapeutic and professional environments. Please contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss any questions you might have and to discuss your specific concerns and goals. I am happy to provide referrals to other providers if I am not the right person for you and your situation. Please feel free to refer to me as "Dr. Steve" if you call.